About us


Incorporated in 2001 we have been successfully trading in all areas of ground works and civil engineering throughout the South East. We undertake contracts from both the private and commercial sectors, covering a wide range of different size projects, from small home and garden improvements, through to large housing and industrial estate developments.


We typically cover all ground working and civil engineering areas such as; site clearance, demolition, preparation & layout, surveying services, new build, foundations and drainage works, concrete flooring and reinforcement, road and highway works, hardscaping, all types of paving, driveways and caravan bases however we consider any and all works.


The company is staffed by an experienced and skilled team, equipped to undertake a variety of projects irrespective of size and complexity. This also ensures that all work is tailored to meet the clients needs. Site based staff employed by Landmark Construction Services Ltd have a wide range of skills and lengthy experience and are fully competent to undertake all work on its behalf and are supported by dedicated office staff ensuring site operatives have the materials and support they need to work efficiently and effectively,


The area of construction in which we operate is extremely competitive and it can be very difficult for anyone to consider using a new supplier. However, we can assure you that our staff consistently seek to provide a thorough, high standard of work and a level of service and reliability that ensures our customers are happy to return to us for their future requirements.


Barry is a customer focused person who ensures the Clients needs are catered for and expectations are exceeded. He controls all site labour and ensures the work that is being carried out meets the high standards that he expects. Barry visits all sites personally and takes great pride in the strong relationships he builds with clients.

Barry Palmer

Managing Director & Founder
Julie controls the office for the business ensuring that it runs effectively and efficiently. She also deals with staff welfare across the company ensuring that all members of staff are content and are able to focus on their work. This allows business to produce work of the highest standards, proving that Julie is a key part of the Landmark team.

Julie Palmer

Reuben is the companies resident site engineer. He ensures that all of our sites are properly set out and prepared for work. Reuben is also currently undergoing more training to allow Landmark Construction to undertake more work in the future. When needed, Reuben also works on site helping to complete the core work of Landmark Construction.

Reuben Willson BSc (Hons)

Ashley ensures that all policies and procedures are in place and that the company meets the legal requirements placed on them. He also ensures that all operatives have the training and qualification that they need, meaning that clients can rest assured work will be carried out safely.




Tom has worked for the company for around 10 years and is a key member of our team. He ensures that all our operatives on site get work completed to deadline and to standard, working with site managers and Barry. Tom’s calm and unflappable approach to his work means jobs are completed thoroughly and accurately.

Tom McKeever

Doug has been part of Landmark for over 10 years. Doug is a competent groundworker who takes pride in his work. He understands the importance of deadlines and is able to work with other groundworkers and operatives on site to meet these deadlines. Doug’s dedicated attitude ensures that his work runs to deadline and always exceeds expectations.

Doug Allen

With 14 years experience at Landmark, Ian is one of our most experienced employees and deals with some of the more complex jobs that we take on. He is a thorough groundworker who considers all the possible outcomes to his work before choosing the best method to complete the job. Combined with his vast experience, Ian is able to use these traits to complete jobs to deadline.

Ian Eyers

Steve has worked for the company for around 10 years and has worked on many different sites for Landmark Construction Services. Steve is a key employee in supporting other groundworkers and helps to ensure that the work on site is completed to the highest possible standards.

Steve Orman

Andy joined our on site team of groundworkers in 2022 and brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Andy Haley

Mike has worked for us for some time as a subcontractor but has now stepped up joining the company as a full time employee. He has gained a good level of experience doing this and we look forward to seeing him continue to grow within the company.

Michael Nicholson



We are currently recruiting for an Operations Coordinator to join our office based team. Have a look at the job advert below to find out how to apply: https://uk.indeed.com/job/operations-coordinator-trainee-e943d8571364d8e2

Operations Coordinator – Vacant!

Operations Coordinator
Zoe joined the company in 2022 and works as our Operations Manager, coordinating the day to day running of the administration of the business.

Zoe Fowles

Operations Manager